#67 Reseda Park

This was one of my all-time favorite outings because of meeting my new friends Miranda and Rhodney. Miranda played through junior college but her tennis career halted with COVID and she is just now getting back to it. I could tell as soon we started hitting from the base line that she places her shots with know-how and conviction.

The courts at Reseda Park are in fair-to-poor condition, which makes them great if you are a beginner. No need to worry about hitting balls onto somebody else’s court because anybody who is playing competitive tennis would be playing somewhere else. Only one court has a net strap, and that court has significant divots, enough to divert a ball but not to twist an ankle, so no te preocupas. My recommendation is go for it with gusto on these courts in a big flat park with magnificent Canary Island pines.

Miranda is the first person I’ve met on the quest who brought back-up. I think that’s smart. Rhodney was so affable as to be up for a making a post-game instructional video. I asked Miranda what she thought I could instruct people about and she said, “Your forehand!” Nobody had ever said anything nice about my forehand before; so I was touched and moved and you can see that in all the time it took me to think of tips, which Rhodney captured live. I really like how he respects thinking time.


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