Quest finds love in Los Angeles Times

Before I retired from being a high school English teacher last summer, people would be asking me what are you gonna do now. And I would always tell ‘em, I’m gonna be a journalist.

The story speaks for itself, I hear, which makes me cartwheel and do somersaults.

For all you real Centro de Gozo insiders who cannot get enough, first of all, thank you — and to show my appreciation let me give you some premium content for free.

Yeah, this story happened a large percent because of sheer doggedness on the part of Edwin Turner, the imaginary intern over at Keppie Usage, where they were so kind and foresightful as to publish my first book.

And not just publish it but really get behind it with focus and hustle. Hats seriously off to Edwin “Intern” Turner. That guy has believed all along. He’s the guy writing the press releases, sending ’em out, filing away the No’s, notching the Yes’s and celebrating life-in-the-moment all along the way. I dig that guy’s vibe.

Well, long story long, the LA Times came a-knockin’ and I’m happy to say the whole Keppie Usage team really met the moment. Objectively speaking, I am a good choice if you’re looking for someone to write about tennis courts all over Los Angeles County. This brings us back to the story speaking for itself, so yeah, let’s just shout Hooray one more time and do some quality basking.

P.S. Super-premium content, still for free: two more LA Times pieces in the pipeline. That’s right. Like KC and the Sunshine Band once said, keep it comin’ love.


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