#100 Rio de Los Angeles State Park, Cypress Park

What a deep chord it strikes to reach the 100th court on this quest to play every public tennis court in Los Angeles with my friend Tommy Tompkins , now an LA City College prof, long-time dean of SF alt-weekly arts coverage, and me and my pal Jimmy’s editor when we were Bay Area baseball writers in the summer of 1988.

Tommy & Marko, 5/31/23

Hohobegob how it still thrills me that Tommy remembers the stuff we wrote about clutch A’s role player Dave Henderson signaling me to go long so I could catch his imaginary pass in the locker room.

Tommy told me, “I remember you wrote about not knowing what Hendu was up to but just loving the moment.”

I loved me and Tommy’s moments doing a little DIY liveball and then settling down atop a picnic table to talk about the quest and related things that matter.

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  1. Tommy!!! Life is mysterious and synchronistic. N’est-ce pas?
    The video of the topspin has “going viral” potential. I will try to make that happen using my mind.
    And congrats on #100!!! It oughta be part of the lyrics in “Thunder on the Mountain”.

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